Cancel the Cancel Culture


Most of us have been following the insanity of the cancel culture with incredulity. We laugh at the ridiculous offenses and complaints and shake our heads in astonishment as we tolerate this craziness, watching it grow but hoping it will soon pass.   

But this is no joke. The cancel culture is alive and well.  It’s a concerted effort to get rid of anything or anyone whose thoughts or actions fail to meet the approval of the mob. 

Individuals have been fired or had their careers derailed, lost professional opportunities, been publicly embarrassed and shunned, and forced to defend themselves from being canceled out of existence.   


Because someone was offended by something they did, said, or wrote about, often years ago. And these people have now made it their mission to rid the world of those that annoy them. And who and what offends them? Well its unlimited. It’s so bad that we are at the point where even telling a joke is no longer tolerated for fear of offending.   

Standup comedians who have traditionally used the college circuit as revenue are now out of luck. No jokes allowed. If just one person on campus is offended, it’s time to stop the show. And no one is immune. Even the New York Times has gotten in on the act, getting rid of editors for daring to allow the other side to voice their opinions or dumping editors whose views are not woke enough.  

The thing about the cancel culture is that it has no side. Everyone is on the chopping block, be it conservative, liberal or progressive, it matters not. If they, (whoever they are) get you in the crosshairs, it’s over.  A full-onslaught commences to silence you or get rid of you simply because they don’t like you.   

But cancellation is not enough. They demand total subservience.   

And they are getting it as we extend apology after apology for everything we ever did or thought about doing. We are apologizing for the sins of our fathers and even the color of our skin. It’s gone beyond individuals and now focuses on groups, companies, organizations, and government agencies. We are seeing corporate CEOs bending their knees to these cancellationists while writing large checks as they beg for forgiveness. Instead of allowing us as individuals to make our own choices regarding what we buy, where we shop, what news we listen to, what books we read, what and who we vote for, the cancel culture wants to make those choices for us. They know what’s best for us.  

But who are these people?  

They, for the most part, are nameless and faceless. They sit behind their computers dissecting our lives, finding out about our imperfections, and mass emailing companies with their demands? It needs to stop.  

Do not let them get away with this.  

Contact these companies and your elected leaders and let them know how you feel. Let your voice be heard. And above all, make your own choices and not that of the mob.   

Let us not bend any more knees. 

Stephen Phillip Monteiro is a law enforcement, security and intelligence consultant. He’s held senior leadership positions with consulting firms in Washington, DC and is a retired Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service and a veteran of the U.S. Navy. Visit his website: https://www.thegoodamerica.comto leave your comments. You can follow him on Twitter: 

Published by Stephen Phillip Monteiro

Law enforcement, intelligence and security consultant

5 thoughts on “Cancel the Cancel Culture

  1. Dear Steve,
    I have been watching in horror what is happening to our Society and Country.
    The “Woke” have taken over the Country!

    Yes, as you stated in your informative
    Commentary, that as Americans who love our country, believe in democracy, and our Constitution, need to make our voices heard! You are, of course, correct when
    you state that we must stand up to this radical affront!

    Keep writing! Go speak on Fox News!

    All the best,
    Barbara Linn


  2. Steve it’s wonderful to hear someone with your credentials speak out. It really makes me sick to see what is happening to the country I love. I really don’t understand it all, who are these people, where did they come from? Most importantly how do we stop them?
    I love Fox News for speaking out but I can only watch it for so long, they have the issues and questions but without the answers I go nuts.
    Keep up the go work buddy.


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