A Novel Idea…

Crime is out of control with record homicides in most major cities. In my 30 years as a law enforcement official, I have never witnessed our law enforcement community so beleaguered and demoralized. There is a great deal of pressure on them to reduce our staggering crime rates. So, to that end, I have come up with a novel idea to help them. 

How about we as citizens insist that our elected prosecutors do what they’ve been elected to do and are paid to do–prosecute criminals and make our streets safer. I know that I am walking right up to the edge with such a radical idea but it needs to be said, and that’s that.

Whatever experiments these social warrior prosecutors are conducting, it is clear that none of them are working. They are turning out criminals that go right back out the revolving door and prey on the very citizens they claim to want to protect. I, for one, am stymied. So let’s give this a try – it may actually help to bring crime down!  I know that those who wear the blue would welcome the help.

Stephen Phillip Monteiro is a law enforcement, security, and intelligence consultant. He’s held senior leadership positions with consulting firms in Washington, DC, and is a retired Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service and a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

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Law enforcement, intelligence and security consultant

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